Top 10 Reasons to Return to the Catholic Church

by Eric Sammons       March 14, 2016

Easter is coming, and you know what that means. Your regular seat in the pew will be filled by strangers, the parking lot will be a nightmare, and you’ll have to sit about thisclose to a 20-something guy who is obviously just there to please his parents and behind an old lady you’ve never seen who has a hat about 5 feet high. Fun!

Although we experience these inconveniences every Easter (and Christmas), is there anything we can do to reach out to these inactive Catholics? Several years ago, my parish did an outreach to just such Catholics. For Christmas and Easter we created small flyers to place on every seat that had a "Top 10 Reasons to Return to the Catholic Church" as a humorous way to get their attention. Inside the flyer would also be an invitation to return to the Church. Here is a Top 10 List we did one year:

10)   Better than Sunday morning cable shows.
9)   See if you're still allergic to incense.
8)   If it was good enough for Mother Teresa, it should be good enough for you.
7)   Sacrament of Confession a lot cheaper than therapy.
6)   The Eucharist is a dieter's dream. It only fattens the soul.
5)   Confirm that, yes, there are kids that scream even louder than yours.
4)   All are welcome; only our Founder is perfect.
3)   Skip your breakfast, if necessary, but not the Bread of Life.
2)   You think it's hot here in August?
1)   Even with a billion members, we could still use one more.

This year, instead of grumbling about Christmas & Easter Catholics taking our seat in the pew or our space in the parking lot, let’s try to find ways to invite them back to the Church!

Eric Sammons


Eric Sammons, a former Evangelical, entered the Catholic Church in 1993 and has been involved in Catholic evangelization efforts for over a decade. He is the father of seven children and author of four books. His website "Swimming Upstream" can be found at and he can be followed on Twitter @EricRSammons.

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